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NuGeon Brake Caliper

Manufactured under the strictest quality standards in an ISO 14001:2004-registered factory, NuGeon brand semi-loaded brake calipers are built from O.E. castings to ensure the same fit and function as a new O.E. unit.  And, with over 4100 SKU’s,  BBB Industries offers one of the largest selections of remanufactured, semi-loaded brake calipers in the industry, representing over 98.5% coverage.

While only the very best cores, without wear, corrosion or blemishes are selected for the NuGeon line, our attention to quality doesn't stop there.  All components used in our calipers are of the highest quality, and every unit is pressure-tested with the same machines and parameters that are used at O.E.M. factories.

NuGeon Brake Calipers

Every BBB Brake Caliper/Set Features:

  • End-of-line pressure testing for leakage
  • Piston replacement with same piston material as O.E. (phenolic/aluminum)
  • Semi-loading for installer or end-user's choice of brake pad design and/or brand
  • VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) paper wrapping for prevention of rust for up to two years shelf life
  • Pad hardware and brackets included in box
  • Proprietary “smart” part numbering system makes pair matching easy
  • Automatic date-coding of every production lot for full traceability of components and labor
  • O.E. cross reference and list of critical core components on the label

BBB Brake Calipers

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